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OnlineBeautySchool brings you guides and tips to online Beauty and Cosmetology programs. Beauty school is also known as cosmetology school. It prepares students for a career in the cosmetology field and allows them to sit for the appropriate licensing exams, which is required to work as a cosmetologist. Most students exploring beauty school as an option know the area that interests them most. Cosmetology students work with hair, including cuts, styling and coloring.

What is Beauty School?

Beauty school is a general term used to describe all of the areas a person can become certified in to work in beauty services. These areas include:

  • Cosmetology
  • Makeup artistry
  • Esthetics
  • Cosmetology educator

All of these subjects are considered beauty school within the industry.

How Do I Know Which Area is Right for Me?

Students with a cosmetology degree also work with limited waxing and some makeup training. It is one of the most versatile certificates a person in the beauty industry can have and allows you to work in many capacities. Those wanting to work with the face and skin may want to work in esthetics. Esthetics deals with skin care and skin analysis, focusing on things like facials and microdermabrasion. Makeup artistry revolves around applying makeup, both conventional and special effects. A cosmetology educator works to educate fellow cosmetologists and keeps them on top of the latest trends for clients.

Are Online Programs Available for Beauty School?

There are many online beauty school programs. One thing these programs cannot always do is place students in salons and spas where they can complete their hours of training. This is often the perk of enrolling in a traditional beauty school program. As online programs grow, more salons and spas are willing to be affiliated with certification programs. This gives the establishment a look at potential new hires and allows a student to carry out hands-on training on real clients. These hours are always conducted under the supervision of a licensed beauty professional.

Why Should I Choose an Online Beauty School?

Online beauty schools convenient for students who are working full time and have family commitments. Traditional beauty school is labor intensive because many programs are as short as six or eight months. This means the traditional programs move at a very fast rate and a large portion of time is spent in the classroom. With online courses, you are covering the same amount of material, but you are not spending hours outside of your home or driving to and from classes. Many beauty school students are returning adult students, who may have children or a full time job. The flexibility of online beauty schools is ideal for those who want a fairly fast program and will enjoy working with clients on a daily basis.

How Do I Choose an Online Beauty Program?

You want to find a program that is established. Check rankings and student reviews to see what others are saying about online beauty schools. You want to trust your education to a school that is well known and has a high graduation rate. You can also inquire about job placement. Many trade schools offer job placement and job prep services. These services allow you to practice the interview process and learn how to perfect your resume. You must ensure the school you choose has an accredited cosmetology department. Many of community colleges offer cosmetology courses. These courses are also administered online. When it comes time for a student to complete training hours for cutting hair or working with esthetician machines, they are able to go to the traditional college and become comfortable with interacting with clients and how to work tools and equipment. This is the ideal situation for an online beauty program. Course work that can be done online is completed on a student’s time, but when hands-on training is needed, there’s an accessible place to learn the trade.

Will I Get a Job Once I Complete a Beauty Program?

After completing a beauty program, you must become licensed in your state. You sit for an exam in your chosen subject of beauty. This test is taken on a computer and the score is sent to you in the mail. Once you receive your certificate in the mail, you can be hired to work as a beauty professional. Jobs depend on the area you live in. The good thing about setting up your own training hours outside of a program, is many times these employers will see your work ethic and talent and offer you a position upon graduating. The traditional beauty school has facilities just for the program and you’re expected to leave the tools and space after receiving certification.

Are there Solely Online Beauty Programs?

There are programs that operate solely online. The one issue with this is you have to find your own establishment for training. You may receiving a certificate of completion from that learning institution, but until you’ve completed the appropriate training hours are you allowed to sit for the state exam. Without the certification from that exam, you will not be able to work in any establishment. If you currently work as an assistant or receptionist at a salon or spa, online beauty programs are likely a great fit for you. You already have the connections to a reputable beauty service establishment and you can ask about completing training hours there.

Prerequisites for Beauty School

Most beauty school programs require an applicant be at least 16 years old and some require a high school diploma or GED. Many programs do not require a diploma or GED and still allow you to carry on with classes and sit for the licensing exam. Just because a school doesn’t require a diploma doesn’t mean it is not a legitimate school for learning about beauty. The subjects offered at beauty schools are considered a hands-on trade that can be taught with proper guidance and training. High school students who are eager to start their cosmetology careers should enroll in the program when they are 16. This puts them ahead of the curve and allows them to enter the work force immediately after graduating. If you’re participating in a cosmetology program at that age, you will be ready to work with clients and get a job right after you become a licensed beauty professional.

Where Can I Work as a Cosmetology Educator?

Work as a cosmetology educator is most common through top chain salons and through mainstream hair products and brands. Top chain salons enforce continuing education courses for stylists. This keeps them on top of the latest trends and techniques for cutting hair and coloring. An educator hosts these seminars and work with closely with corporate to ensure the brand message is consistent with the training and new ideas employees are learning. This is an important area for chain salons, as each one wants to provide the best possible experience for clients. You can also work as an educator regarding hair products. In this case, a person is employed a hair product company. Sometimes people in this position also contribute to panels that judge prototype hair products. When successful products that go to market, the educator goes from salon to salon (that carries the brand) and teaches stylists how to appropriately use the product. The educator may also offer selling tips for why the client needs the product.

Growth for the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is set to grow about 20 percent in the next decade. This is substantially higher than other industries. Beauty seems to be an area that does well regardless of the economic outlook. While beauty may seem like a frivolous industry, it is far cheaper of an expense than purchasing homes, cars or other high ticket items. The beauty industry has swelled during the down market of the past few years, and it is predicted to continue to grow in terms of hair, nails and esthetic services. The areas that will see the most growth are skin services, such as Botox, Restalyne, microdermabrasion and facials. People are concerned with prevention and anti aging methods. An esthetician can achieve these objectives in a way that cannot be done in one’s bathroom. Growth for skin care services, such as those mentioned, is slated for 38%. This is considerably higher than all other industries.

The good thing about the beauty industry is there are always entry level positions available. As cosmetologists move up to higher paying positions, there are many entry level positions that need to be filled. High paying jobs in the cosmetology industry are limited. Typically when a cosmetologist owns their own salon or spa or works freelance, is when they make the most money. The average income for someone working in beauty services is $35,000 per year. Skin specialists make more money, earning about $42,000 per year.

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