Top 10 Wealthiest Celebrity Cosmetologists

by Editor on Mar 19, 2012

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for personal appearance workers — also known as cosmetologists — will grow by 20 percent through 2018, which is much faster growth than average for all occupations. However, salaries remain flat, with a heavy concentration on tips to compensate for an average of $11.13 per hour for most hairdressers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists. With that said, there are fortunes to be made in this industry, depending upon your clientele, your location, your reputation, your education, and your ambition. As you’ll learn from the following list, sometimes the most wealth is gained by developing a product line or writing a book — but having a clientele filled with celebrities doesn’t hurt. If you build a huge reputation as a cosmetologist, you, too, could become a celebrity.

Unfortunately, most celebrity cosmetologists do not reveal their incomes. But, a little research can show their contributions to political parties and philanthropy, offering clues to their wealth. The following list is in no particular order:

  1. Paul MitchellJohn Frieda is an English celebrity hair stylist who built a hair salon and business on the back of his reputation. He has a line of many products which are available in not only the United States but many other countries as well. John learned his trade from his father, Isidore Frieda, a salon and property owner who mentored and invested in his son’s early ventures.
  2. Sally Hershberger is a famous hair stylist known for creating Meg Ryan’s signature cut, the “Sally Shag.” Sally, reportedly, was the first stylist in New York to charge $600.00 for a haircut. She currently charges $800.000. Hershberger was born in Kansas and raised in California and began doing hair at eighteen. While still in beauty school, she became an apprentice to Arthur Johns, a well-known Hollywood salon. In addition to her work with top celebrities and photographers, Sally travels coast-to-coast to work with personal clients in her New York and Los Angeles Salons and in 2008 created her self-titled hair care line, Sally Hershberger.
  3. Angus Mitchell, also known as AngusM, is the son of celebrity hair magnate Paul Mitchell. Dubbed “one of the hair industry’s hottest headliners,” the younger Mitchell is shaping not only heads, but the future of the profession through international seminars and a studio, Angus Mitchell Studio in Venice, CA where he creates multimedia projects to spread his message worldwide. Like his father, who was known as “the hairdresser’s hairdresser,” Angus travels the world to educate other hairdressers.
  4. Jonathan Antin was the owner of two Los Angeles hair salons, Jonathan Salon West Hollywood and Jonathan Salon Beverly Hills. The opening of the latter salon served as the basis for the first season of the reality television series Blow Out, which chronicled his life as an entrepreneur, hair stylist, and hair product creator. He has worked with celebrities such as Madonna, Kate Bosworth, Kirsten Dunst, Rod Stewart, Alicia Silverstone, Margaret Cho, Tiger Woods, Ricky Martin, and Jackie Warner. Antin is no longer associated with product line called Jonathan Product, and is planning the launch of new line of hair care.
  5. Vidal SassoonVidal Sassoon, CBE, is a widely-recognized British hairdresser, credited with creating a simple geometric, “Bauhaus-inspired” hair style, also called the bob. Due to the popularity of his styles, he has been described as “a rock star, an artist, [and] a craftsman who ‘changed the world with a pair of scissors.’ In June 2011, reports circulated that Sassoon had been diagnosed with leukemia two years earlier, and has been receiving treatment in Beverly Hills and London. Sassoon was born in 1928.
  6. Lee Stafford is an award-winning celebrity hairdresser. His career did not take off until 1997, when he won the title of Men’s British Hairdresser of the Year. In 2001 Stafford launched his own range of award-winning hair care products. In 2007 he appeared on the BBC television series Celebrity Scissorhands where he trained celebrities such as Tamara Beckwith and 1980s pop star Steve Strange to cut hair. After twenty years in the industry with some business failings, Stafford states, “I’m living proof that if you’re passionate enough about something then all your dreams can come true.”
  7. Christine Valmy founded the first esthetics school in the U.S. in 1966, and is credited as one of the most influential figures in the field of skin care. She also created an American association of skin care specialists that gained the respect of the international governing body of skin care professionals, CIDESCO. Christine Valmy is today a trustee of the Famous People and People International, an organization founded by President Eisenhower to promote friendship and understanding in the world. She takes part in the functions of the American Beauty Association (ABA).
  8. Lydia Sarfati is a Polish-born American esthetician, entrepreneur, consultant and author. She is credited with having introduced seaweed-based skin treatments in the United States and is known as a pioneer in the field of modern cosmetics. In 1980, she founded the Sarkli-Repêchage cosmetics company, together with her husband, David. Sarfati pioneered the field of esthetics in the U.S. setting the standard for the industry. Her skincare method is practiced by top estheticians around the world and is taught at the Lydia Sarfati Post Graduate School of Esthetics located in Secaucus, NJ.
  9. Jose EberAnthony Mascolo is an award-winning hairdresser, photographer, and creative director for TIGI (Tony & Guy). He has won the title, “British Hairdresser of the Year” three times, and takes influence from many areas – film, art, fashion, music and the street. In April 2009 TIGI’s global operation was acquired by Unilever. Anthony Mascolo has been retained as a creative consultant to work closely with Unilever on the global company and brand expansion, and to advise on the professional hairdressing marketplace.
  10. Jose Eber is a television personality in his own right as well as a hairdresser in Hollywood. His Beverly Hills salon attracts customers such as Cher, Barbra Streisand, and Meg Ryan. He has launched a line of hair products that are available only in specialty stores and salons. For more than four decades Eber has been in the vanguard of beauty. He created influential looks that have endured the test of time and become true classics. He remains a leading trendsetter in hair and fashion throughout the world.

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