The Beauty School Survival Guide

Beauty school is an awesome educational option if you’re interested in jumping into a fashion-related industry in a relatively short amount of time. In this kind of program, you’ll work with instructors to learn about cutting, coloring, and styling hair – with many programs also allowing you to learn about skin care and nail care. These programs may be shorter than the four years you’ll spend in college to earn a bachelor’s degree, but they can be very challenging, demanding classes. So here’s your beauty school survival guide to help you get through your educational program and make the most of your time in school!

Paying for Beauty School

Before you can attend beauty school, you have to be able to pay for it. Like with bachelor’s degree programs at liberal arts colleges, beauty school students often have the opportunity to earn both scholarships and grants. Scholarships are given to students who show merit, such as winning an essay contest or having good grades in high school while grants are available for students who prove financial need. Both can be used for tuition and supply costs.

Attending Classes – What to Expect

There are three main types of classes you can expect while in beauty school. First, you’ll start with typical classroom learning. These classes will cover things like ethics and law, basic chemistry and biology, and communication. You’ll then get to participate in hands-on classes, typically using dummies to simulate real customers. Lastly, you’ll move on to cutting and coloring real hair on live humans. In many schools, you’ll work on one another first and then move on to a hands-on type of internship where you’ll work on customers (who get their hair done for free or a highly discounted rate since they’re at the hands of students).

Beauty School Mistakes

In beauty school, students are often worried about making mistakes – but that’s part of the industry. Customers who come to your school salon understand the risks of working with students. Hair that is cut too short, colored incorrectly, or otherwise mangled will grow back. The real mistake you can make as a student is not taking advantage of every opportunity available. Skipping classes, opting not to attend or participate in optional events, working only the minimal number of hours, and showing up late are all things that will come back to haunt you later.

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